School portraits are an important part of documenting our kid’s lives.  Seeing how they grow from year to year, remembering their awkward phases, and seeing them blossom into young ladies and gentleman is why we get school photos every year.  

The school portraits that we are used to most likely are taken by the big box school photography companies.  They tend to be average and can sometimes be downright awful.  I remember my daughter’s kindergarten pictures and how much filtering they had used on her image.  She came out looking like one of those tanned pageant show headshots with all of her freckles and blemishes removed!

Fine art school photography is a completely different experience and the resulting pictures are 100% better than any big box company can provide.  So what is it like to work with a Fine Art School Photographer?

Fine Art School Photography Experience

Working with me, you will get a personalized boutique-style experience.  I will work with you to find the perfect location inside or outside your school.  I provide communication that you can forward to your parents to help them prepare their children and know what to expect on picture day.  On the day of the photoshoot, I have fun with the kids so that parents get photos that truly capture their kids’ personalities.  The shooting process is organized, efficient, and most of all fun for both the teachers and kids.  

How Much Does Fine Art School Photography Cost

Surprisingly the cost is around the same as using the big box companies.  There is absolutely no charge to the school.  The cost of the prints and digital files are roughly the same but the quality of the photos is so much better.  For a list of print and digital prices please don’t hesitate to contact me!

How Do Parents Place Orders

The ordering process is super easy and done completely online.  No more paper order forms to hand out or for parents to lose!  Each parent will get a private, password-protected link to their kids’ galleries.  This allows parents to choose what photos they want to order instead of the picture company choosing for them.  An average gallery contains between 5 – 10 images in both color and black and white.  

What do Fine Art School Photography Pictures Look Like

One word – BEAUTIFUL!  Here are just a few samples of my Fine Art School photos.  For a full portfolio head on over to my school photography portfolio.

Are Sibling Photos Offered

Absolutely, I love taking photos of siblings! A custom schedule will be made with the school to make sure parents who want sibling photos can be accomodated.

When to Schedule Fine Art School Photography

The schedule for school photos is completely up to the school.  I work with each school individually to schedule their picture days.  I typically shoot schools in both the fall and spring so parents can really see how their children have grown throughout the year.  I also don’t overbook schools so that I can provide outstanding service to the schools I work with.  To book your school, you can use the contact form below or email me at  

So are you ready to bring the Fine Art School Photography experience to your school?  I hope so, you and your parents won’t regret it!  Use the contact form below or email me at for more information and to get the process started!

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