Spring 2024 Picture Dates!

Thursday April 11th

Landres 2 Day – AM


Porras 2-Day AM



Porras 2-Day PM

Friday April 12th

Porras 3 Day – AM

Pyle AM

Landres 3 Day AM



Pyle PM

Porras 3 Day – PM

Meet Your School Photographer

Hi!  I am Rebecca McGonigle.

Hi! I am Rebecca McGonigle.


I am thrilled to photograph your students this year!

I work with schools all across the VA, DC, and MD area.  My primary goal is to provide images that truly showcase your student’s unique personalities.

I am a Mom myself, to 2 beautiful daughters.  I love watching them play Lacrosse almost every weekend of the year.

Do You Take Sibling Photos?


Absolutely!  Siblings who both attend the school will have their individual and sibling photos taked during the school day.

I have set aside special time in the morning prior to school starting for Visiting sibling photos (12 months and older).  Visiting siblings must be pre-registered using the link below.  

Visiting Sibling Sign-up


What To Wear For School Pictures?

Picture day is a great time for kids to express who they are!  Make sure to involve your kids in the process of picking an outfit.  Picture day will go much easier if they have a choice.  You can find some tips on how to prepare for picture day here.  So lets get into some do’s and don’ts for picture day outfits!



  • Allow your child to help you pick the outfit.
  • Make sure the clothing fits well.
  • Add accessories that add a pop of color
  • Solid colors, or well done patterns work best


  • Wear clothing with graphics or words.  Our brains are wired to look for logos or words and they take away from your child’s beautiful face.
  • Wear neon or flourescent colors.  These colors will reflect onto your child’s skin in the pictures.

How Will I Order?

Within 2 weeks of picture day, the school will send you a link to a private online gallery.  In the gallery your child will have a password protected online picture album to view your pictures.  You will choose and order your pictures from the online album.

You will have two weeks to order prints and/or digital files.  The ordering process is simple and secure.

This is a fundraiser for your school, and 10% of the profist will be donated back to your school!

When Will I Receive My Order?

Digital orders are delivered immediately by email.  Prints and products will be shipped to you and the timing is dependent on the lab processing time but is usually less than 2 weeks.

Can I Take A Screen Shot Of The Images?

NO YOU CAN’T!  So here’s why.  It is super important to me as an artist and business owner that you respect the copyright of the images.  My income as an artist is dependent on the purchase of the images.  I do not get paid by the school.  By participating in picture day you agree that you will not screen shot images and refrain from sharing images on social media until after images are purchased.  Thank you for understanding!

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Northern Virginia Family Photography


Family photos complete with pets. Family photos by NOVA Portraits at the Stone House, Manassas Virginia.
Senior girl holding a camera in the tulip garden of Green Springs Gardens.
Girl lacrosse athlete posed in from of blue smoke. Athlete portraits by NOVA Portraits.

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