Family photos what to wear amazon edition with images of family outfits.

Maybe you have booked your family photo session with me and you are wondering what you should wear or maybe you haven’t booked the session because you don’t know what you would wear. Well this guide is especially for you! Below you will find three different family style options with links to the products on Amazon.

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Family Photos – Dressy Edition

Family photos outfit inspiration  - dressy edition with photos for outfit for the whole family. - NOVA Portraits shopped all outfits on Amazon.

If you have read any of my style guides or read my articles on what to wear for your photo shoot you will already know that I always recommend dressing up. I do this because I truly believe that you are investing in yourself and you will love your photos that much more. Okay I will get off my soap box and get you the goods!

All the links below are for the clothing you see in the image above. They are reasonably priced and are color coordinated to make your family look their best. For the guys in the family a nice pair of trousers in grey or navy blue would be the perfect compliment to the button up shirts.

Mom: This gorgeous green flowy dress will work for any body type and provide great movement in photos.

Dad: This crisp white button up shirt contains details to level it up and create dimension.

Teen Girl: Teen girls are hard customers but this cute mini-dress is sure to make both mom and daughter happy.

Young Girl: This dress is versatile and flowy and a perfect compliment to the family color scheme.

Boy: Boys are hard to dress but this simple button up shirt has a subtle pattern to compliment the family.

Family Photos – Sweater Edition

Family photos outfit inspiration  - sweater edition with photos for outfit for the whole family. - NOVA Portraits shopped all outfits on Amazon.

If you are not quite a dressy family photo type but want something a little more elevated than jeans and a t-shirt this sweater inspired mood board is just for you. You will find links to all the sweaters and sweater dresses in the image above. For Mom and daughter a pair of pointe pants, and for Dad and son a pair of black trousers would be perfect.

Mom: This mauve sweater has the perfect detailing and texture to add dimension to the photos.

Dad: This sweater is good looking and masculine enough for any man, and looks great in photos!

Teen Girl: This sweater has a great ruffle detail and pair with the right skinny trousers would be an outfit that will be usable beyond the family photo session.

Young Girl: This sweater dress compliments Mom and sister’s sweater and can be personalized with a great pair of tights.

Young Boy: Boys want to be like Dad so why not put them in complementing sweaters. The pattern at the top will make him stand apart and look great in photos.

Family Photos – Casual Edition

Family photo outfit inspiration - Casual edition with images of clothing for the whole family.

Okay so you really are not a dressy family at all and want to keep it real in your photos. I get it, which is why I shopped a casual look for you. The important thing about casual photo outfits is to make sure you are still color coordinated but not all wearing the same color or pattern. The whole family would look great with these tops and some dark denim for a fun casual photo shoot.

Mom: This casual sweater has just enough details to make it pretty in photos. The color is sure to pop as well, making Mom look gorgeous.

Dad: This upscaled flannel is perfect to tie the entire family color scheme together. The details on the upturned cuff will add fun dimension to the photos.

Teen Girl: This cute henley t-shirt is a step up and has some great detail on the sleeves.

Young Girl: Going casual with a girl can get iffy, but the detail on this two toned sweatshirt is a step up and with the right pair of classy jeans will be a lasting staple in her wardrobe.

Young Boy: This is a leveled up boys henley that can be worn over and over but coordinates nicely with this color scheme.

Family Photos – Concluded

So I have just given you three options for styling your family for your photo session. You can go in and hit buy if you are satisfied or you can use these ideas as a jumping off point for styling your family. Don’t forget to add in some great accessories to really make your outfits pop. Accessories can include cute hats, scarves, statement jewelry pieces, watches for men, and of course don’t forget to find the perfect shoes. If you have any questions about styling your family, make sure to DM me on Instagram or send me an email. And of course if you haven’t booked your session yet, don’t wait. These are photos you will cherish and your grand babies will cherish for generations. The right time to book your photos is now!

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