Best time of day to schedule your family photography session with image of sister's hugging.

One of the questions I get asked all the time by clients is:  

“When is the best time to schedule my family session?”

As a photographer I am always chasing light, it is really my main job besides taking actual photographs.  I can find the right lighting anytime of day (well except maybe when it is truly dark out!).  However as an artist I prefer to take photos around and during golden hour, which is what I will always suggest when I am asked.

When is Golden Hour?

There are two times of day we can use golden hour light to create stunning photos.  The first is right at sunrise!  Yes you heard that right, if you are an early bird this would be for you.  (Just make sure the kids aren’t cranky!)  The second option is the hour before sunset.  This is my preferred time slot as I am not much of an early bird.  I will usually schedule a family session about half and hour before golden hour starts so there is plenty of time to get warmed up and hit the best light towards the end of the session.  

Sisters hugging at norther Virginia family photography session.

Why Do I Recommend Golden Hour?

It truly is the most stunning light of the day.  Harsh midday sun can often cast unseemly shadows on a person’s face and if you are in a location without any shade this will happen.  Golden hour light is warm, soft, and looks great on everyone.  I can often capture stunning sun flares that will make your images look amazing.  

Couple in front of cherry blossoms in Northern Virginia.

How Do I Determine Golden Hour?

I figure out when golden hour is going to be on any day and in any location using an app on my phone called Golden Hour (catchy right).  This app tells me when golden hour starts and ends and the direction that the sun will be coming from.  This allows me to choose the right time and location for your family photo shoot.  

Three brothers holding hands at a Northern Virginia Family photography session.

Do I have to schedule at Golden Hour?

Absolutely not!  It is my favorite light but I get that that timing may not work for your family especially in the summer months when the sun does not set until 9pm or later.  I will work with you to find the perfect time for your session.  

If you are ready to book a session just head over to the booking page or use the contact me form to get in touch. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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