Finding the perfect location for your photoshoot is almost as important as what you wear for your shoot. Here are my 6 favorite locations for portrait and family photography in the Fairfax County area of Northern Virginia.

Speaking of what to wear, I also want to share with you a photographer in San Diego, California, talking about what to wear for your Senior portrait session. Be sure to visit the link at the end of this post to see what she’s sharing.  

Stonebridge at Manassas Battlefield

The stone bridge at Manassas Battlefield is a beautiful location.  This site has many options including the Stonebridge itself, a raised walkway, and beautiful fields that make fantastic backdrops for any family photos.  This location is especially beautiful in the fall when the leaves are turning colors and the air is crisp.

Sully Historic Site and Chantilly Virginia

The Sully historic site in Chantilly is an off-the-beaten-track location that not very many photographers use. This site offers many different features including multiple textured buildings, wide-open fields, and beautiful trees that are large enough for an entire family to climb for a great photo. This location is beautiful in both Spring and fall.

EC Lawrence Park

One of my go-to favorites, EC Lawrence Park offers many different backdrop options.  Starting at the visitors center, there are many different structures and buildings offering a multitude of textured backdrops.  As you make your way to the nature path side of the park, there is a gorgeous pond lined with a raised walkway that makes for excellent photos.  There are plenty of other fun options to choose from including bridges, stairs, and even a stream with stepping stones.  

Meadowlark Gardens

Meadowlark Gardens is an actual gem.  It is a true garden with many different flowers, paths, and plenty of shade for gorgeous pictures.  Once a session is done, you can spend hours wondering the grounds looking for the fairies and taking in the stunning architecture and statues that can be found in the park.

Bull Run Park

This location is perfect for fall photos when the trees are turning colors.  There are open fields, fences to provide order, and a nature trail that follows the Bul Run Stream.  

Lake Ann Reston

Lake Ann in Reston is a community rich in Frank Llyod Wright-inspired architecture.  The man-made lake at the community center makes for a stunning backdrop.  In addition, there are many walking paths that offer great photo-ops including the Van Gogh bridge that is peppered with Cherry Blossom trees.  In peak bloom, this is the perfect location without the hassle of driving to the District.

Earlier in this post, I mentioned a post by a Premiere San Diego High School Senior Portrait Photographer who is sharing about what to wear for your Senior photo session.  Be sure to check her out.

There you have it, the 6 best places to take portraits in Fairfax County Northern Virginia. If you are interested in having your photos taken in any of these gorgeous locations, hop on over to my contact page or DM me on Instagram!

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